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Hallmar Business School

Lowongan Kerja Hallmar Business School
Alamat: Royal Soho BS 10 no 8-10 Royal Residence Wiyung Surabaya 60 60227
Situs: https://www.hallmarindonesia.com/
Tipe Perusahaan: Direct employer
Sektor Industri: Pendidikan
Ukuran Perusahaan: Kecil (0-49 Pegawai)

Deskripsi Perusahaan:
Established in 2020, Hallmar Business School is built by the desire to provide applied education for society. Most likely, many bachelor degree hasn't ready to face a real life work challenges since what they've learned is only theory. Nowadays everyone needs to have a specific expertise to be good at.


Hallmar Business School is the Business Entrepreneurial School in Indonesia. Hallmar commits to create 1000 young entrepreneurial generation in Indonesia. It is the time for you to have better future.

Hallmar Business School realizes to be entrepreneur is not as easy as it looks. Therefore, Hallmar will equip you with applied theory and knowledge, mentoring and superteam session as your personal business consultant. Hallmar provides investor forum to help you to get investment for your business as well as workshop session to create product sample or prototype.

Hallmar prepares you to be a successful entrepreneur..

Be The Real Entrepreneur!

Join Hallmar Business School now!

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