Terms & Conditions Employer


What is meant by:
(a) "Company" is jobindo.com and or PT Jobindo Indonesia.
(b) "Customer" is a party, organization or individual that becomes the user jobindo.com or other links related to advertising vacancies or career opportunities, or to obtain general information.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. The Company reserves the right to refuse to provide services to customers in violation of company policy, where the company's interpretation of the rights completely. The company's decision to refuse service or terminate the service is absolute and inviolable. If the customer has made a payment to the Company but were denied or terminated its membership, then the customer is entitled to recover payment, subject to the deduction of fees as determined by the Company.
  2. Customer agrees to not advertise untrue, misleading, harassing, hateful, charge, defamatory, discriminatory against ethnic, religious and certain races (SARA) or offend religious principles.
  3. Customer is the only party responsible for the information posted full in jobindo.com.
  4. Customer agrees to indemnify the Company and or its employees from claims arising from loss, loss of money and so on, which occurs due to the use of services provided by the Company or the use of sites and other related links.
  5. Customers are not allowed to use the data obtained from jobindo.com for purposes other than the purpose of filling vacancies or career opportunities are owned by the customer. Violation of this provision may be sued by the Company and / or parties harmed.
  6. Customer agrees to accept the terms and other provisions may be added by the Company from time to time without prior notice to the customer.
Special Terms and Conditions
  1. Customers may only advertise 1 job / position of each posting.
  2. Customers can get complete jobseekers data ( CV ) after using the balance (credit ) established by the Company .
  3. The Company reserves the right to change the content of job advertisements without changing the intent and purpose .
  4. Customers are prohibited included email address or phone number in job advertisements .
  5. Customers are prohibited from asking jobseekers to send the application offline unless permission of the Company .

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