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Senior MEAL Officer

Jejaring Mitra Kemanusiaan-Oxfam

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience on MEAL in the field of development, disaster management project
  • Bachelor in social science, disaster management, development studies or relevant discipline
  • Good understanding of the country’s humanitarian context, Core Humanitarian Standards, empowering and advocacy issues in Indonesia Strong analytical skills and understanding of MEAL Framework, tools and indicator setting
  • Evidence-based monitoring and evaluation frameworks and programmes, with emphasis on participatory and partnership-based MEAL approaches
  • Strong knowledge of IT applications and development – especially spreadsheets and database Management
  • Strong knowledge on feedback mechanisms / CRM. Fluency in both written and spoken English and good report-writing skills
  • Good understanding of community development issues, with experience of or ability to work directly with local NGOs or communities in one or more of the following issues: income generation / health / disability / gender and of how this may link to JMK Oxfam’s objectives within the programme and in the region, as well as in the use of impact assessment to inform programme development choices.
  • Proven analytical skills and ability to think strategically for programme design and to implement the approach.
  • Knowledge and experience of promoting gender equity, and an active commitment to promoting the interests of marginalised people in all aspects of JMK Oxfam work
  • High level interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English and working language.
  • Ability to influence and liaise effectively with key stakeholders, such as military, local authorities, etc.
  • Proven evidence of leadership skills including challenging, motivating and developing a team through periods of change.
  • Ability to work with others to develop vision into strategy and communicating and influencing this to a wider audience.
  • Experience working in Central Sulawesi or Eastern Indonesia.
  • Familiarity with gender and protection issues, humanitarian issues and International Humanitarian Laws.
  • Experience in emergency relief and DRR programmes.
  • Previous working experience with JMK, Oxfam or INGO
  • Mature and professional attitude and approach.
  • Terms and Conditions: Post based in Palu (100%) office. Regular visits to the field for meeting with partners, authorities, and other related bodies.
Deskripsi Pekerjaan
  • Contributes & Implementation of Oxfam in Indonesia’s CAT 2 emergency response Project’s MEAL framework and tools and support PNGO’s as well as country humanitarian MEAL
  • Ensure strong participatory elements in the MEL system, particularly in the role of partners, consistent with the Oxfam International MEAL principles and policies. Support the implementation and compliance/delivery of project team to the country MEAL system.
  • Assist the project team and partners in identifying MEL priorities and manage key discrete MEAL milestones, events and processes Undertake periodic monitoring and technical support visits to programme areas to assess progress against agreed MEL system and recommend corrective actions as appropriate.
  • Lead the project baseline study, outcome monitoring, impact measurement, evaluation, situational and risk analysis process, PDM, Survey CTO etc.
  • Provide technical guidance to project teams including partners in planning and implementation of baseline/midline and other data requirements to support programme analysis, the development and use of monitoring tools and instruments (e.g., objective/target setting, monitoring formats, etc.), as well reporting of programme progress.
  • Building capacity of partners and strengthen their respective MEAL mechanisms and systems to contribute effectively to programmatic MEAL objectives through relevant training and other capacity building events
  • Work closely with project team and partners to ensure appropriate feedback mechanisms / CRM are functional into project
  • Conduct annual review, learning and reflection sessions, as specified in the MEAL framework
  • Functioning accountability mechanism
  • Lead in the collection of positive impact stories and photos from projects and prepare them to be used for shared learning
  • Assist to organize Peer Learning meeting to share programme strategies and best practices including Gender, Accountability and Stakeholders Participation aspects
  • Capture and disseminate project learning along with ensuring effective knowledge management between departments and affiliates to ensure the whole organisation benefits from and applies programmatic learning.
  • Assist to conduct and dissemination of literature reviews, secondary data analysis and synthesis for papers, proposals and representations, as appropriate
  • Ensure knowledge management is well documented
  • Communicating JMK-Oxfam’s work and contributing to the National programme:
  • Maintain good relationships with JMK, Oxfam, donors, official authorities and other agencies as relevant, be proactive in ensuring that JMK Oxfam develops and maintains a positive profile.
  • As appropriate and relevant, represent the programme to external actors, exercising a level of caution when dealing with government officials
  • Actively participate in developing and implementing project activity, including participation in relevant coordination and networking. To keep informed of relevant programme issues in the Programme and to contribute to wider programme learning
Palu, Sulawesi Tengah
23/04/19 16:17
Pengalaman 2-5 Tahun
Full Time
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