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Livelihood Officer

Jejaring Mitra Kemanusiaan-Oxfam

  • Bachelor degree in social, agriculture, economic, or any discipline relating to food security and Livelihood. Experiences in managing food security & Livelihood could substitute for a formal qualification.
  • Two years’ experience in food security, Livelihood, and community mobilisation including using modalities of Emergency Food Security Vulnerable Livelihood
  • Good understanding about urban issues especially in relation to humanitarian sector
  • Good understanding about humanitarian works linking with market and technology
  • Experience in good understanding of SPHERE standard with strong reference to humanitarian principle and code of conduct of RedCross and NGOs in disaster relief  
  • king with local organisation / partners and dealing with problem solving
  • Well-developed interpersonal and team skills and proven ability to be flexible in demanding solutions.
  • Good administrative skills in order to work with people at managerial and, on occasions, senior government levels. The post holder should also be at ease in working with local people.
  • The ability to present concise reports, sometimes a short notice, reflecting the problems and possible solutions for particular situations.
  • Good understanding on building resilience and DRR/CCA principles, approach, and practices
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian programmes
  • Flexibility, willingness to travel at short notice, over the course of the deployment, and to work in difficult circumstances.
  • Good understanding of humanitarian protection standard, Sphere Minimum Standards, gender issues and Code of conduct.
  • A commitment to the aims and objectives of JMK Sensitivity to working within a divided society and to political, religious or social tensions.
  • Demonstrated experience of integrated gender and diversity issues into food security programmes.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in both Indonesian and English.
  • Computer literacy
  • Good understanding of community development issues, with experience of or ability to work directly with local NGOs or communities in one or more of the following issues: income generation / health / disability / gender and of how this may link to JMK Oxfam’s objectives within the programme and in the region, as well as in the use of impact assessment to inform programme development choices.
  •  Proven analytical skills and ability to think strategically for programme design and to implement the approach.
  • Knowledge and experience of promoting gender equity, and an active commitment to promoting the interests of marginalised people in all aspects of JMK Oxfam wo
  • High level interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Have intermediate English communication skills.
  • Ability to influence and liaise effectively with key stakeholders, such as military, local authorities, etc
  • Proven evidence of leadership skills including challenging, motivating and developing a team through periods of change.
  • Ability to work with others to develop vision into strategy and communicating and influencing this to a wider audience.
  • Experience working in Central Sulawesi or Eastern Indonesia.
  • Familiarity with gender and protection issues, humanitarian issues and International Humanitarian Laws.
  • Experience in emergency relief and DRR programmes.
  • Previous working experience with JMK, Oxfam or INGO
  • Mature and professional attitude and approach.
  • Good understanding of health and nutrition will be advantageous
  • Terms and Conditions: Post based in Palu (100%) office. Regular visits to the field (Palu, Sigi and Donggala) for meeting with partners, authorities, and other related bodies.
Deskripsi Pekerjaan
  • To provide technical leadership of Livelihood works in Central Sulawesi Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) and Resilience Building (DRR/CCA) in line with JMK policies and agreed standards (SPHERE, Resiliences Framework, Livelihood Competency Framework, etc).  
  • To develop Livelihood Strategic work in Central Sulawesi that reflects an integrated approach in preparedness, response, as well as resilience building (DRR/CCA).
  • To explore innovative Livelihood modalities to enhance JMK work in preparedness, response, and resilience building including to scale up and integrate urban preparedness into urban (city) resilience
  • To carry out internal and external representation of JMK in Indonesia in Livelihood sector including in technical Livelihood working group and coordination with external parties and internal JMK within partners and government, Livelihood Technical Assistant.
  • To explore modalities of public private partnership in enhancing emergency preparedness and response and resilience building,  
  • To carry out campaign and advocacy role as relation to Livelihood sector
  • To promote the integration of gender and other sector within the Livelihood modalities with specific focus to the women rights and child safeguarding.
  • To Create enabling environment for smooth project communication between partners and Donor budget holders Emergency that will include:
  • Socialization of JMK project outcomes to align and balance with partners’ interest and mission
  • Capturing partners’ concern and suggestion for better partnership management
  • To Provide support on project Implementation and Monitoring through:
  • Tools development including activities and outcome indicator setting
  • regular supervision on project activities implementation
  • partners’ capacity mapping and developing capacity building plan
  • technical capacity building delivery based on capacity building plan
  • Linking resources to fulfil capacity building need from outside JMK
  • MEAL Support will be needed to be able functioning the JP.
  • Communicating JMK-Oxfam’s work and contributing to the National programme:
  • Maintain good relationships with JMK, Oxfam, donors, official authorities and other agencies as relevant, be proactive in ensuring that JMK Oxfam develops and maintains a positive profile.
  • As appropriate and relevant, represent the programe to external actors, exercising a level of caution when dealing with government officials
  • Actively participate in developing and implementing project activity, including participation in relevant coordination and networking. To keep informed of relevant programme issues in the Programme and to contribute to wider programme learning
Palu, Sulawesi Tengah
23/04/19 16:17
Pengalaman 2-5 Tahun
Full Time
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Lowongan Kerja Jejaring Mitra Kemanusiaan-Oxfam

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jl. zebra IV. kota palu. Sulawesi Tengah, JMK-Oxfam
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