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Lowongan Kerja Communication Officer

PT. Rimba Makmur Utama

  • An excellent track record in creating, developing and implementing integrated communications strategies.
  • Strong commercial and political judgement and ideally with experience of the forest conservation and REDD+ arena and knowledge of applicable geographies and broader climate issues.
  • Strong understanding of how to use communications to achieve advocacy goals and policy change.
  • Experience working with local, national and international media proactively, establishing productive relationships with relevant journalists and editors.
  • Experience of managing high profile media campaigns.
  • Experience planning and staffing media activities, such as interviews or press conferences; ability to prepare and staff media spokespeople.
  • Experience and ability to work multiple projects simultaneously in a demanding, fast-paced and complex environment, and deliver on tight deadlines.
  • Demonstrated policy and advocacy experience working at a high level, with specific individual experience of influencing the policies of government agencies and/or donor organizations.
  • A track history of accurate and transparent portrayal of complex social and environmental issues to an international audience.
  • A proven ability to use accessible language directed towards specialist, non-specialist and international audiences.
  • A proven ability to digest and accurately summarize technical documents.
  • Experience working directly with high profile individuals and senior leaders in an organization.
  • Experience of having operated as a spokesperson.
  • Exceptional written and oral skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Team leadership and management experience to include appointing, developing and retaining diverse, high-performing and professional teams, including remote personnel.
  • A proven ability to work across cultures.
  • Willing to complete and implement compliance training as legislation requires.
  • Willing to travel internationally, including to remote, rural areas with basic facilities.
Deskripsi Pekerjaan
  • External Communications
    • Work with the KMP leadership team to develop a comprehensive external communications strategy to help ensure that organizational priorities are met.
    • Develop and execute a communications plan to implement the approved communications strategy. 
    • Develop a deep understanding of all KMP activities to shape an appropriate set of messages for various local, national, and international audiences that articulates the KMP vision, mission, activities and achievements.
    • Manage KMP’s reputation externally both proactively and strategically. 
    • Work with KMP leadership to develop crisis management plan; anticipating risks to the organization and planning crisis management to ensure successful handling.
    • Create and develop communications tools, processes and procedures to package and distribute KMP’s knowledge to key opinion formers.
    • Build and strengthen relationships with traditional and new media (reporters, bloggers, editors, and media executives) and opinion leaders internationally to ensure messages reach key stakeholders and targeted audiences.
    • Strategically leverage and provide content for social and multi-media channels.
    • Plan and support public activities for KMP executives (e.g., press conferences, media interviews, speeches) and ensure a coordinated approach across communications.
    • Write, edit, and manage articles, speeches, and internal briefings and communications for KMP leadership team, and key communicators.
    • Monitor the external environment to understand latest, relevant developments, evaluate their significance, assess their potential for KMP, identifying new opportunities and innovations to promote the organization and help to achieve its objectives.
    • As executive editor of KMP website, ensure that its content is in keeping with and enhances KMP’s strategies and profile and that it is kept up to date.
    • Be responsible for sourcing, researching and writing stories and supporting materials such as photos, audio clips and videos
    • Ensure timeliness in making relevant KMP research or other information (e.g. landscape analysis) available to a wider audience.
    • Content direction of marketing materials ensuring branding quality and consistency, version control, as well as adhering to compliance and legal frameworks where required
    • Coordination with partner’s international communications and marketing team.
  • Internal Communications
    • Develop and refine KMP core messages to ensure internal organizational consistency.
    • Develop and manage KMP Communications team.
    • Create and develop internal communications tools, processes and strategies to inform and engage all employees, such that they act as brand ambassadors and key advocates.
    • Manage the communications budget and external agency support, including the review, management and evaluation of support.  
    • Work across the organization to help foster a sense of employee pride in the business, cultivating a culture that is results driven, success focused and high performing.
Bogor, Jawa Barat
17/02/18 13:23
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Lowongan Kerja PT. Rimba Makmur Utama

Deskripsi Perusahaan
The Katingan - Mentaya Peatland RestorationandConservationProject (the Katingan-Mentaya Project) is based on the premise that we can still save large areas of peat swamp forest in Indonesian Borneo, o er local people sustainable sources of income, tackle global climate change-and base this on a solid business model. What de nes us is a no-nonsense, transparent and result-oriented approach to land-use and conservation in a part of the world where this is needed most.

At its core, the project is nanced by what it achieves in terms of sequestering and avoiding the emissions of carbon dioxide. Project is managed by an Indonesian company, PT. Rimba Makmur Utama, through an Ecosystem Restoration Concession (Minister of Forestry Decree SK 734/ Menhut-II/2013 and The Head of The Investment Coodinating Board (BKPM) Decree SK 23/1/IUPHHK- RE/PMDN/2016) granted by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry. Covering 157,875 Ha total of avast relatively intact peat swamp forest.

This central business model works suchthatthebene tsarepassedon to local communities, the local region and the wider State of Indonesia in which it operates.

The Katingan-Mentaya Project protects the peat swamp forest; it does not throw a fence around it and ‘close’ it. By respecting local land tenure, both legal and de facto, the project holds the basic principle that access to the forest will remain open to those forest-dependent communities that have traditionally used it.

Alamat Perusahaan
Jl. Kantin No. 8 Bogor

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